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Mar Pacifico

After coming through the Panama Canal, we started our way back north to Costa Rica on the Pacific side.  We docked in Puntarenas and headed up into the mountains to a cloud/rain forest hike.  After spending a little more time in Costa Rica, the ship continued north into Nicaragua and then Guatemala before heading along the entire coast of Mexico and ending up in Cabo San Lucas. After a really fun day in Cabo, the ship is now heading to Los Angeles.

We have covered a huge swath of the Pacific Ocean from the Panama Canal to Los Angeles.  For the most part the ship has held pretty close to the coastline all the way up.  However, we can only see land every once in a while. Magellan named it “Mar Pacifico”, which roughly translates as “peaceful” or “calm”.  For the most part it has been much calmer than the Carribean and southern Atlantic.  However, the first day out of Guatemala heading north, we crossed an area around El Salvador where the isthmus is the most narrow.  The winds were up …

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